Wraparound Ivory and Peach tulle skirt

Tulle skirt number 2

This is a second attempt at creating a simple tulle skirt for layering. It is a wraparound with hooks sewn onto the waistband. The first attempt used one long connecting rectangular strip for each layer. This attempt used shorter panels that overlapped several inches on each layer. The inner layer is made of ivory tulle and the outer layer is peach tulle.

This version is less transparent than the first but is a little less puffy. There’s also the possibility of panels getting folded within the layers. Anyway, it has been gifted to a friend as an engagement / wedding present and she likes it! It can be worn under a skirt to add volume or over a plain skirt or dress to add some style.

I’m planning a third attempt but using the circle skirt pattern instead of rectangular strips. 🙂

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