Heated eye pad with removable Velour cover


Simple half hour project that makes a thoughtful gift. I used remnants of an old white pillow case to make the shell that holds the uncooked rice.

Making the insert
1. start with a long strip of white fabric. Fold it in half lengthwise to increase the durability of the cover. Straight stitch all around to ensure the fabric doesn’t move.


2. Fold the strip in half width wise and then use tailor’s chalk or a pencil to mark out rounded edges. I made mine like a fat figure eight so that each end would cover an eye And not have too much weight on the nose bridge. You can make yours any shape.


3. Single stitch around, following the chalk marks but leave an opening of at least two inches. I zigzag stitched along the straight stitch and then trimmed off excess material.

4. invert the shell via the opening we left. Fill with raw, uncooked rice. I used a full cup as I wanted it plump and somewhat heavy. Then hand stitch the opening shut or machine stitch. I did a top stitch to be sure the edges were strong.


The insert is ready!


Making the removable cover
I decided that it was important that the eye pad have a removable cover. This means it can be washed or updated with new covers. What goes on my face has to be clean.

1. I had a remnant strip of purple fabric from my velour dress. I placed the eye pad insert on the strip to measure out the minimum length needed to cover it from then added two inches on either side. Remember that the velour is stretchy and will cover your face from temple to temple.

2. Now to measure the width needed. I thought of it as a cushion cover, needing three rectangular panels that I would fold inwards  twice on the right side. Using the eye pad as a gauge, I folded the purple velour over once to cover it completely, then flipped the eye pad over twice to get the three panels needed.

cover1 3. remove the eye pad, pin the velour and then zigzag stitch rounded ends. If you’re using material that might draw at the ends and isn’t stretchy, you’ll probably need to do more measuring and finishing of raw edges.


4. Invert the removable cover and add Velcro to the mid section. I made mine a little tight so that it would take the shape of the eye pad when inserted.

Velcro  5. Add elastic to the ends if you want.

attach elastic

You’re done!

heated eye pad in velour removable cover

I microwaved the eye pad for 20 seconds, placed it in the cover and then on my eyes. What a warm and comfortable feeling.


  • Don’t microwave your eye pad for too long. it gets really hot!
  • Also, don’t get the rice wet. it’ll lead to weird smells and growth.

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