Craft: Hot glue snowflake

Make your own xmas snowflakes to decorate the tree/house. Very easy. You just need: Parchment paper (wax paper does not work) Hot glue gun Glue sticks Marker/pen. Something that writes well on  parchment paper. Acrylic paint or nail polish  Glitter glaze/glue Brushes  https://youtu.be/sdSKnIVP8Lo Make it a crafting evening with friends or some crafty “me” time. 


Painting: Hope

Painting while listening to CNN discuss election projections makes for an interesting  mood to paint in. I started with a pencil then acrylic paint to fill in the colors. Here are process pics. The final piece:


Painting: Mewwy Christmas

It is November and time to start making xmas gifts. The hub’s boss loves her cats so I found a photo of one of them and painted it.  Here are some process pics over two days. This is the first time I’m painting a cat so it was quite exciting to see it taking shape.…


Painting: Xmas wreath

I don’t have a lot of storage options so an actual wreath is not something I’d get. In its place, is this flat xmas wreath that will be easy to store after the holiday. Used my new satin acrylic paint with regular acrylic paint. Here are process photos. This was created over two evenings of…


New satin acrylic paint

Went to Michaels to get some rivets for the finishing touches of a Halloween costume and saw this set of acrylic paints. All of this for $9.99! My paintings will have more than blue, red, and purple now. 😆 Even got a coupon for 50% off 1 regular item.


Tutorial: Brush bag

My brushes have been living in the original plastic bag they came in for a while now. 😅 They do deserve better.  It’s been halloween costume making craziness this entire weekend and we finally see the light. Pics soon! There’s leftover material that would do nicely for my brushes. It’s really simple. Cut out one…


Tutorial: Easy cowl / turtle neck knit dress

Remember my birthday dress? Here’s how it was constructed, without the pintucks. The pintucks are optional.  Finish the collar last if you decide to add pintucks.  Here is a dress without pintucks. The pintucks are useful for shaping the dress – fitting around the bust and loose from waist down, tighter on the back… Please…


Tutorial: Easy dog bandana

My friend, M, purchased four different fabrics to make bandanas for her corgi. This is the second fabric that is shown in the photos. First, measure how wide and long you want the final bandana to be. M’s corgi needs a bandana about 11.5″ wide and 7″ long. Of that 7″, 2″ is a tube…


Dog bandanas and bows with matching accessories for humans

A friend, M, has a cute corgi and has recently started dressing her up. M bought some fabric and asked me to create bandanas and bows for her. She provided a sample which i used as reference material. I made some bandanas, bows, head bands, and hair ties. There is more fabric with different prints…


Faux croc bag for $5

Coco’s night fury costume is complete and there’s still some of the faux croc material left. I cut out rectangles from the odd shaped edges to create tissue holders. These go to a boy scout’s fundraiser this weekend. Hope whoever buys it, likes it! They are easy to make, especially with a material that doesn’t…


Tissue holders

There’s still quite a bit of material leftover from Coco’s night fury costume project. So I made a few tissue holders that would fit in a purse. It’s a rectangle with dimensions 5.5″ by 6.5″. Fold the two ends of the long edge inwards till they meet in the middle. Overlap the edges a little.…


Coco’s night fury costume

This year, Coco’s going to be Toothless, the night fury, for Halloween. This is the process of making her costume. Why so early? We need to get her used to it… First, off to Walmart for some fabric. Found something that looks scaly, is waterproof, and doesn’t fray. $10/yard. I bought a yard and there’s…


Contrast vneck top McCalls M9872

I’ve been having fun with the McCalls pattern.  I added length to the front and back top patterns just above the waist. Then cut out contrasting front and back pieces.  The front is in a stretchy pink suiting fabric and black knit for the back. I cinched the front a little with some hand sewing…


Make and stuff dog toys with fabric scraps 

I’ve been keeping fabric scraps to make toys for Coco. I take a bigger piece, cut shapes, and then sew around the edges. Leave an opening to stuff scraps in. Throw in a squeaker for even more fun. You can get bulk squeakers off of Amazon.  To add ears, arms, hair, etc, make appendages before…


McCalls M9872 contrast dress

I don’t typically buy patterns as i have been getting by with DIYing. However, this pattern called to me at Walmart. I traced out the top pieces on packing paper that came with handbags so i don’t feel bad about poking holes and slowly destroying the original pattern pieces. Anyone else does that? Since i…


Faux wraparound dress

While organizing my fabric stash, i stumbled upon 2 remnants from previous projects – the end of a skirt that i had chopped off to shorten a store-bought piece, and a skirt lining of a previous early project that hadn’t worked out. The skirt fabric is hardy yet stretchy and would make a great bodice.…


Organizing the stash…

I spent Sunday evening organizing boxesof fabruc into these drawers. Remnants in the top drawer and larger pieces of fabric in the bottom two. I couldn’t fit in scrap fabric from old clothing so that pile is still in a box.  The bolts of tulle, rolls of ribbons, and elastic are in theur own boxes…


Peacock vest from remnant fabric

My aunt gets remnant fabric from her seamstress and she gave me some of her stash. This is a beautiful flowy fabric that i’ve made into a vest. I used a self drafted pattern from a blouse i own and like. Since the remnants were not wide, i had to cut out bodice top and…


Firework dress

This is one of the pieces from the fabric.com 3lb knit box off of Amazon. It is so colorful that i didn’t know what to do with it for a while. Inspiration came one evening and this is what came out of it. The back is cross-back and somewhat bare. I changed the back a…


Batwing top

My mum gave me a top that i absolutely love for its comfort and roominess. I ordered a fabric.com mystery box off of Amazon and 3lbs of knit fabric arrived a week later. 6 different fabric patterns to play with! So glad to be sewing again after a few weeks off.


Dress that looks like a tee and skirt

It always begins with rifling through the fabric stash and leftovers that treasure is found. So I found a striped green fabric that is stretchy. Just enough to make a square top. I bound the neckline and arm holes with fold over elastic. Then remembered a ribbed knit tank top left it the stash. Cut…


Translucent Collared shirt

This is a pattern I made from a shirt that I enjoyed wearing. There are two front pieces, two back pieces (top and bottom), 2 collar bands, 2 collars, and 2 sleeves. It’s tweaked here to have front and back darts for a more fitted shape. It’s the first time I’ve made button holes since…


Striped pink top with white lace

While looking through a box of fabric, I found a pink striped stretch suiting material that was left over from years ago. Using a tried and tested square top pattern, I added a high-low hem  for a slightly different look. I like the stiffness of the material for a change. There wasn’t enough fabric to…


Maternity clothes attempt

My friend’s 4 months along and she has been so inundated with things and life that there been no time to shop for summer appropriate maternity clothing. So I thought this would be a great time to try making maternity clothing. I used my usual no-pattern patterns to make 2 outfits. 1. extra large front…


Stretchy top with front zipper

Sewn without a pattern. It was fun figuring out what I wanted to do with this. I started with a square top design. Then cut the front open and added a zipper. Added lace and then a waist band. Really easy project for an evening.


Victorian Corduroy Jacket

I made this pattern a while back with a softer fabric. This time, I decided to use corduroy and to leave out lining. I pinned the pieces one evening, cut them out another, and sewed up this section last night. I have sleeves to add, hem to finish, decide on closure, and decide on whether…


Top with faux jacket

This was a 5 hour project and used grey fabric from my stash, black translucent knit, as well as the bottom half of a black knit top that was left over from a refashion It all started with finding fabric in my stash. There should be 4 pieces. Connect the (2 front and 1 back)…


Tutorial: Furry open cardigan

This fabric has been in my stash a while and it’s time to make something season appropriate. I used a capped sleeve shrug pattern for the main piece. You might have seen variations of this pattern before. Since it’s winter,  sleeves are absolutely necessary for me.  I measured the diameter of the arm hole, length…


Tutorial: Batwing top worn sleeves up or down

This is an easy batwing top that took 3 hours to complete. Start with measuring two squares that would adequately cover torso length and widest width of upper body. Add a few inches to each number so that the non stretchy fabric can be pulled on when completed. Lay squares right sides facing and then…


Painting: No more chores

This was painted on a whim in the month of June – right after a few hours of gardening. Although gardening is satisfying in itself, the rest that comes after some intensive work outdoors is as pleasurable.