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Who is behind the sewing machine?

A creative soul who doesn’t always measure before sewing and who goes with the creative urges. Surprisingly, there haven’t been many disasters.

How did i start sewing?

I used to crochet fun things and then discovered an even stronger interest in sewing some time in 2007 or 2008.Β  It started with a Singer sewing machine from a garage sale for just $50. I taught myself how to sew basic stuff on it – tissue holders, curtains for a friend who moved into a new apartment, adjusted the length of sleeves and trousers. Then i tried following simple patterns from Simplicity for a while and it was okay but i felt the need to experiment. So i started sewing without patterns and creating items that i’d gift to friends. Joy!

Why do i sew?

I dream about designs, be it sewing from scratch or refashioning clothes in my closet or inexpensive finds. Every spare moment i get, i think about sewing. It’s such a wonderful feeling! Sewing’s a great stress reliever, joy giver, and wardrobe enhancing skill. It has also helped build up my beloved dog’s wardrobe. 20 outfits and counting!

Why do i blog about sewing?

In 2009, the hubs got me a brand new machine for my birthday and proposed right after with a pressure cooker. Awesome day indeed. πŸ˜€ I kept on sewing and hoarding fabric (oops) and found that i had a collection of photographs, some of which i have already posted here. So this is a collection of past and present projects of designs i found online and tried to recreate or stuff that i tried to put together without patterns.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave comments – i would love to read them! Happy creating!

View: Tutorials | Projects without Tutorials

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Congratulations you won the black velvet-y fabric in my giveaway! Please send me your address to tailorfairy(at)yahoo(dot)com, so I can get it on the way to you!

    • Thank you and congrats to you too! I haven’t been sewing as much lately because of school but i look longingly at the beautiful fabric from TailorFairy every now and then. Haha… Do you have plans for your fabric?

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I have lots to learn from your blog! Your newly completed jeans are fabulous! Love what you did with the back pockets.

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