Ballet tulle skirt

Front view of tulle skirt

This was my first attempt at sewing tulle and it was more challenging than i had thought it would be. Gathering with basting stitches was a challenge so i did my own gathering (bunching of the fabric) as i sewed.

I started by cutting 6 strips of fabric of the same length. I did about 3 wraps around the body. The longer the strip, the more volume you’ll get. 3 strips were wider than the other 3 by a few inches. The strips that were less wide were sewn to make one extra long strip. This would be the inner layer for extra volume.

Gather the strips lengthwise and sew together. For even more volume, do the gathering of layers separately. Once you have all the gathered layers sewn together, use a ribbon as binding to conceal the stitches and leave extra length on each end to serve as waist ties. This particular skirt did not have a lining as it was meant to go over a ballet leotard and leggings. You can add one easily using a half or 3/4 circle skirt pattern.

Waist tie


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