Puffy tulle skirt with floral print and black elastic waistband

Nothing makes me happier than giving a home made gift to a friend. So when a friend said she wanted a sharoncreation as her birthday present, i said WHOOPEEE! I made 2 pieces and this was the second. The first is a black dress with back slits and frills at the bottom of the dress.

A puffy tulle skirt with floral print and black elastic waistband. 😀

circle skirt pattern

It’s basically a circle skirt on the outside, with 2 layers of tulle underneath (gathered at the machine), and a white stretchy and fitting lining on the inside. Remember to hem the edge of your skirt if it is likely to fray.

circle skirt pattern

To get 2 layers of tulle, i had to cut four long strips of tulle that could wrap around the body twice.  I tried basting Tulle and that was so frustrating that i gave up. Instead, these were gathered at the machine.  I simply placed the tulle at the machine, fold one edge in, and used a regular straight stitch on it as i “pushed” lightly bunched tulle in. This worked great and i went through all 4 strips pretty quickly.

gathering tulle at the machine

You’ll get pretty gathered tulle! You can connect the different strips of tulle in this manner to get one really long strip. Repeat the machine gathering on this already gathered tulle  if you want it even more gathered.

gathered tulle

Pin the tulle to the wrong side of the floral fabric (top layer) all around. I managed to go 2 rounds and thought it was puffy enough. If your tulle isn’t as gathered, you may need more layers to create the same volume or machine gather over it once more.  Pin lots and then sew with a straight stitch.

Prepare a rectangular piece of lining fabric. I used a stretchy white knit. Stretch the knit over the tulle on the wrong side and sew it down with a zig zag stitch. One more step to completion! Add an elastic waist band. I sewed them right side together so that i can flip the waist band up and the stitches will be hidden. I then zigzag hemmed the edge to finish.

finished skirt

You can vary the length of the tulle to peep out from under the skirt or keep it somewhat hidden, like mine. Here’s the finished skirt on Suzanne, my dress form.

skirt on Suzanne

Here are photos kindly contributed by the recipient who requested a sharoncreation for her birthday. 😀

bday girl in skirt


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