Refashion: Adding straps to $4 top

I’m making fun clothes for a friend’s graduation and found a tube top with peplums at the local thrift store. Peplums were in my friend’s list of must-haves so it was an awesome find. It had structure and is in a flattering shade of black. The only issue we had with it was that it did not have sleeves or ties. Here’s the before look.ImageI had leftover black fabric from a previous project so i cut out a few rounded strips to make halter straps. Be sure the straps are long enough to at least tie a double knot before you cut them! ImageI reinforced the straps by sewing the edges and turning them into tubes. Invert the tubes, iron, and sew along all four edges. I made one end slightly angled so the tie would look prettier. Lace was added to give it texture.


Sew the straps to the top on top of existing stitches to hide the fact that the halter straps were added. Positioning and pinning on the dress form helped.

ImageIron and the top’s ready!

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