Jeans Refashion Part II- Tube dress with halter top

In a previous post, Ella showed you how she refashioned a pair of jeans into a cute pair of shorts with lace. We were left with 2 jean legs (yeah, fabric!) which we turned into a jean tube dress.

left over jean legs from previous refashion

I cut open each leg to get two almost rectangular pieces of fabric. You could unpick it. But i just cut it open.

cut open

We tested it on Ella to see if it could adequately cover her body. It did! So i put the 2 pieces right sides facing each other, and sewed the edges together. We then pulled the tube on her and marked the excess. Removed the tube, sewed along the markings, cut off excess, and it’s almost done!

I folded the top over an inch twice and created a tubing for 3/4″ elastic to go through. This would help keep the tube dress on in addition to the natural elasticity of the jean material.

To make it more interesting, i made a vest of sorts with some green stretchy woven fabric using the cross-over bust method without the bodice. What’s different in this case is that i extended the straps so that we could use it as halter ties and did not sew the ends down. Instead, they are left loose so that you can tie them in front. You can add darts to have it fit better.


See the final dress here. Ella prefers the waist area to be loose so we did not make it more fitted.

jeandress1 jeandress2


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