Refashion: Striped tee to reversible skirt/top

This is Part 2 of fun graduation clothes. 🙂 I needed to find bright happy colors like yellow or orange for a skirt and i chanced upon this happy top.


The black ribbed end is great for the bottom of a skirt. I just needed to snip off the collar and sleeves.


The material is comfortable but a tad translucent for a skirt. I didn’t want to add a lining as it would bunch up with movement. Perhaps i can turn this into a reversible skirt! I have fabric of similar elasticity in my stash so i picked one that’s bright and happy. Using the yellow/black piece, i traced and cut out 2 green pieces.


And… i called it a night. One more sewing session and this should be complete.:)


Needed a break so i decided to complete this skirt.

Fold over the bottom edge of the green fabric and pin to the wrong side of the yellow/black skirt, with the folded hem hidden within.

sew-bottomSew along the folded edge with a zig zag stitch. The bottom of the skirt is done.

To put in the elastic, measure waist and subtract about 1.5 inches before cutting the elastic. Place both ends of the elastic band together and sew. Fold back the excess elastic band and zigzag stitch them down. If i had remembered to change my machine needle to a ball point one, i bet it would look a lot neater.

Fold the sewn end inwards, pin to the elastic band in the four quadrants and sew. Remember to stretch as you sew.  This is where, on hind sight, i should have done the fold, pin, and sew of the two skirts on both sides of the elastic band instead of on one side.

I will describe my method, which is much less efficient.


I sewed the skirts together to prevent movement. Then used pinking shears to remove excess fabric. Lined it up against the elastic in 8 spots and zigzag sewed it to the elastic. Fold over the sewed edge and sew again. With this method, the other side of the skirt had an open edge. (darn!) I had to hand stitch the green fabric to the edge of the elastic which took quite a while.

hand sew

However, once that’s done, the skirt is ready!


I am really liking the contrasting colors.


On a whim, i tried the skirt on my dressform as a top. It works as a tube top too!

* Sew an adult’s reversible circle skirt from scratch.

reversible skirt

* Sew a girl’s reversible circle skirt from scratch.


* Used a leftover sleeve to make a dog turtle neck outfit.



5 thoughts on “Refashion: Striped tee to reversible skirt/top

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