Refashion: $6 Valances –> halter dress

We’ve been on the look out for bar stools for our kitchen counter and stopping by a garage sale now and then to try our luck at finding some. They are tough to find! Anway, we were at an estate sale and came across some valances. $6 for a set of 4. I jumped at it. I was thinking, mock-lace skirt, like those table cloth skirts that are viral on Pinterest now, or perhaps a halter dress. So i mocked it up… and loved it.

Here are the before pics of the valances…Image

Since the material is not opaque, an inner dress is necessary. So i measured the widest bust, waist and hip area and transferred that to some off white fabric. Cut that out and pinned it on my dressform to adjust the fit. I want the valance material to have a longer skirt so the inner dress was cut shorter. I need to sew the sides together then fold and hem the top and bottom of the inner dress.


Since the fabric used to be a curtain, there are pre-made tubes, 1 for the rod and 1 for ruffles at the top. I threaded a strip of elastic through the rod tube of 2 valances and used a safety pin to hold the ends together.


Next, layer the valances over the inner dress and adjust the fit.


No sewing has been done yet and i still have 2 panels of the valances left. Till the next session!


Sewing the inner dress


You can trace a form fitting dress to get this shape, measure your bust/underbust/waist/hips/thigh to get the pattern, or pin on your dressform and snip off excess with pinking shears to reduce fraying. Sew the sides with the right sides together. Finish the side edges to prevent fraying.


Fold over and sew the top and bottom to prevent fraying. I used a zigzag stitch as my fabric’s stretchy.


Since my fabric’s stretchy and rather thick, i didn’t see a need to add elastic to the top. I did add a strip of lace to act as halter ties. (Pic to come!) The inner dress is ready!

Valance Dress

This was tricky as the material is not very sturdy. While working with it, i made little tears from pulling a tad too hard. It’s a good thing i managed to patch it up by hand with needle and thread. Otherwise, i have 2 back up pieces. πŸ™‚

I sewed up the 2 edges carefully with my sewing machine, leaving enough room for arms.


Connected the elastic that ran through the tube at the top of the valances with my sewing machine. It’s done!

(Pic of final outfit to come!)


Pics are finally here! Ella kindly modeled the dress for me πŸ™‚


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