Refashion: Dog outfit with finished edges

You’ve seen one pink outfit with hearts applique. This is the matching piece made with the other sweatpants leg :p

We recently signed some adoption papers and have been promoted from foster parents to Coco’s forever home people. 🙂 I wanted to commemorate the event with an outfit so i cut out some felt/fleece and pinned it on her pink outfit, then hand sewed around with red thread.


I cut out strips of some knit (you’ve seen it as this asymmetrical skirt) that became the edges of the outfit. I put the right side of the knit facing the wrong side of the outfit. Remember to stretch the knit a little as you sew.


Sewed along the edge with a small zigzag stitch. I let the ends overlap each other.


Flipped the knit material open, folded it over (kinda like bias tape) and made small zig zag stitches to hold it down. On hindsight, i could have done this before attaching it to the outfit.


Pin this down on to the right side of the outfit and sew. I used a zigzag stitch to allow some stretch.


I did this for the bottom, arm holes, and as much of the top as i could.


There is a piece of fabric that is in the way that acts as the “belt” loop. Note to self to plan on finishing the edges before attaching the loop.


Coco seems comfy in it. 🙂I heart my ppl


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