Painting: Free hugs

Here’s your very own snowman who’ll give you cold yet heartwarming hugs. 

Free hugs!

Here are process photos.

Drops of pink, red, and grey to create the background

Background is ready. Let it dry…

White for the snowman

Add some stars. Fatten up the arms a little more. 

Color in pink mittens, a scarf, and a beanie.

Grey shading added

Yellow highlights added. White to blend the grey in.

Mix of red and white to get a dark pink. Create a fuzzy texture in the mittens. Dab white on top. 

Dark pink added to beanie. Two pink circles added to cheeks. 

Dab dark pink, pink, and red on scarf. Use red and white to add shading. Orange nose added. Orange added to accessories.

Dark brown used for shading mittens, edges of scarf, beanie edges, and the nose.

Black for eyes and mouth. White to write the words. Add a few more stars. Red to shade in the heart. white highlights added on top.

Dark and light brown added to the beanie. All done!

This is going to my friend, MK. 🙂 


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