Painting: Mewwy Christmas

It is November and time to start making xmas gifts. The hub’s boss loves her cats so I found a photo of one of them and painted it. 

Here are some process pics over two days. This is the first time I’m painting a cat so it was quite exciting to see it taking shape.

Outline and then fill with yellow. Add shading with light brown. I forgot to take photos at intervals here. 

Add dark brown and then pink for the nose.

Add black. Resized the eyes to make them rounder.

Add white. The whiskers should have been a lot thinner.

Close up of the cat

Added cat toys that look like xmas lights. It would be different if i had centered the cat.

Add flooring and the cat’s shadow.

Add a pastel background with the words “Mewwy Christmas” along the floor.

I really hope she likes it!


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