Painting: Xmas wreath

I don’t have a lot of storage options so an actual wreath is not something I’d get. In its place, is this flat xmas wreath that will be easy to store after the holiday. Used my new satin acrylic paint with regular acrylic paint.

Christmas is coming!

Here are process photos.

Apple tart green

Orange bow

Bright red and yellow ornamental balls

Yellow, white, brown, and black to add shading

Golden brown, yellow, and white to shade yellow ornamental balls

Black outline to bow. Espresso, yellow, and white to shade red ornamemtal balls.

Add a few more!

Holiday green for the leafy section

Keep on dotting…

Yeah! Full circle!

Add decoration with red

Even more decoration with bright red. Black and white to create depth. Navy blue to edges of green to create depth.

Mix bright yellow, orange, and white for the background. My mom suggested a woody background. 😉

Draw lines in espresso

Mix golden brown with white and dilute with water. Create wood texture.

Tadah! Flat xmas wreath 🙂

This was created over two evenings of uninterrupted painting. Fun! 


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