Tutorial: Brush bag

My brushes have been living in the original plastic bag they came in for a while now. 😅

Brushes: “We deserve a better holder!”

They do deserve better. 

It’s been halloween costume making craziness this entire weekend and we finally see the light. Pics soon!

There’s leftover material that would do nicely for my brushes. It’s really simple. Cut out one long rectangle, 4.5″ x 13″, fold in half with wrong sides facing inwards. Sew three sides shut, leaving one long edge open. Mark out 1″ widths and sew. This creates pocket slots for the brushes. 

New holder for my brushes!

Now to transfer the brushes from the sad old plastic bag to the new fancier holder! 

Brushes: “Whee! We’re happy brushes!”

Simple. Took all of 5 minutes to cut and sew. Another  minute to transfer brushes. 😆


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