Tutorial: Easy dog bandana

My friend, M, purchased four different fabrics to make bandanas for her corgi. This is the second fabric that is shown in the photos.

First, measure how wide and long you want the final bandana to be. M’s corgi needs a bandana about 11.5″ wide and 7″ long. Of that 7″, 2″ is a tube that allows the dog collar to slip through easily. This means I cut 14″ x 11″ rectangles.

Cut out rectangle and fold in half with right sides facing. Iron to create center crease. Stitch one of the folded 14″ open ends, now 7″ when folded.

Turn the sewed end inside out. Make the point as sharp as possible. Iron to help the fabric lay flat. Make sure to match the hem to the center crease.

Flip the piece around, fold the top down, and iron.

Fold the bandana in half with right sides facing. Fold the sides inwards and iron. Use the first fold to gauge the placement of the second fold.

This is what your bandana should look like

Fold the top edge down, adjusting till the measurements are correct. Iron.

Sew along the white lines

Sewing holds the folds in place

Use a thread color that matches the fabric. 

Fold the top flap down and sew along the edge. This shows the right side of the bandana.

New bandana for M’s corgi! 🙂

Add lace to embellish the bandana. Leftover fabric can be used to make hair ties and bows.

3rd fabric bandana and accessories set

4th fabric bandana and accessories set


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