Faux croc bag for $5

Coco’s night fury costume is complete and there’s still some of the faux croc material left.

I cut out rectangles from the odd shaped edges to create tissue holders. These go to a boy scout’s fundraiser this weekend. Hope whoever buys it, likes it!

They are easy to make, especially with a material that doesn’t fray.

The rest of the material went into making a bag. I started out by looking for tote bag tutorials on pinterest and found one i liked. Link to tote bag tutorial.

I followed the instructions and cut away the jagged edges to get as big of a rectangle as possible.

Fold the rectangle in half and sew the 2 sides, leaving the top open. Draw 3″ squares at the bottom and cut them out. Cut 2 more strips 3″ wide for straps.

Fold the seams to the side and top stitch. This is easier to do after cutting out the squares.

Connect the open edges at the bottom of the bag. Use clips to hold in place. Stitch together.

Flip inside out carefully. Fold the top over by an inch and then straight stitch in place.

Fold the long edges of the straps inwards till they are touching. Sew the flaps down in the middle and all around the edges.

Position straps on bag and sew in place. I cut sharp ends for the straps.

Leave the needle in while raising the presser foot as you turn the bag around

Once both straps are attached, the simple tote bag is complete!

There was enough to cut out a rectangle to create pockets.

Align the pocket to the middle of the bag. Sew at the top along an existing stitch line, if possible.

I had salvaged a zipper from a black leather bag some time ago. I sewed it to the opening of the bag. Since it is a trifle shorter than the opening, center the zipper, then sew the ends of the opeming shut.

The faux croc bag is ready!

Easy project for an evening. 🙂 Considering that I paid $10 for this material and I used slightly less than half of it on the bag, this new bag costs about $5 USD. Awesome!


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