Coco’s night fury costume

This year, Coco’s going to be Toothless, the night fury, for Halloween. This is the process of making her costume. Why so early? We need to get her used to it…
First, off to Walmart for some fabric. Found something that looks scaly, is waterproof, and doesn’t fray. $10/yard. I bought a yard and there’s enough left for some other project.

This pattern was from reverse engineering a hoodie that fit her well. Cut 2 pieces instead of 1 along a folded edge. 

Arm holes

Cut triangles (2 each) to create the spine

Sew the triangles together with wrong sides facing. I don’t cut the thread between triangles as that gives me a better hold of the next triangle. Snip when all are sewn.

Sew the arm pieces to the back pieces. Sew the flaps down too. I used zigzag stitches so that it lays flat. Unpicking will also be easier with more visible thread, if need be.

Place triangles along the right side of the back piece.

Sew in place. Put other pack piece on top and sew together. Fold flaps back and zigzag stitch flat. Snip off protrusions on the wrong side.

Using the same pattern, create a lining with a soft fabric. Cut the main back on a fold this time. Place right sides facing and stitch the arms together. 

Flip and fold the soft lining fabric over the edge and sew around. Add velcro straps.

Planning the tail…

Cut out the 5 shapes and sew them together as shown in the bottom. Get a thin elastic fabric in a matching color and sew the sides together.hi this will create a tube that Coco’s tail can go through. 

Place tail on top of the main body piece and sew in place.

I forgot to take pics of the hood but it was essentially 2 triangular shapes on the sides of a rectangle. Create a lining and attach both to the body. I tried painting eyes on… that did not come out well. I’ll show you how i fixed it later.

On a fold, cut the shape of a wing. Using the first as a guide, cut out another piece. Sew both together. Make slits in the middle so that a dog harness straps can go through.

With harness on, wings are held in place when a leash is attached. The wings are flapping down Coco’s side and doesn’t look very majestic. I connected the tips of the wings together with loose thread, leaving enough space for the wings to fold backwards and sit on her back. More tacking might be needed on the actual day to keep the wings in place. 

Fixing the eyes… nail polish remover works on avrylic paint. Yeah! Washed off the original paint. Then do all the painting on duct tape. Let dry, add a coat of clear nail polish, cut and paste, then trip the edges.

Coco testing out the new eyes.

Coco, the (currently wingless) night fury!

More pics to come when we attach the wings.


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