Make and stuff dog toys with fabric scraps 

Hand sew eyes and other details

I’ve been keeping fabric scraps to make toys for Coco. I take a bigger piece, cut shapes, and then sew around the edges. Leave an opening to stuff scraps in. Throw in a squeaker for even more fun. You can get bulk squeakers off of Amazon. 

Pirate chef, Frog ninja, and renegade mouse (anti clockwise from top left)

To add ears, arms, hair, etc, make appendages before sewing on to the main body. Remember to place them inside while sewing shut the edges on the wrong side of the body fabric. 

Coco received 2 new toys on the 22nd of july. Blue monster and Mr. Mouse. They are safer to play with than store bought toys that have stringy fillings. If swallowed, those strings get caught up in a dog’s insides and removal requires surgery. Scrap fabrics are much harder to swallow by mistake. Considering that Coco’s a small dog, scraps that are stuffed in are smaller than thise i would put in a larger dog’s toy. 

A bed full of toys!

Videos of Coco playing with her new toys are on youtube. Links below:
Coco’s toy monster

Coco’s new toy mouse


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