Faux wraparound dress

While organizing my fabric stash, i stumbled upon 2 remnants from previous projects – the end of a skirt that i had chopped off to shorten a store-bought piece, and a skirt lining of a previous early project that hadn’t worked out.

End of a skirt

Skirt lining from previous project. Hooray for hoarding!

The skirt fabric is hardy yet stretchy and would make a great bodice. So the two ends are folded back and sewn.

Attach hook and eye closures

You’ve got the circle/square skirt now. 

Fold one corner in half and cut open the skirt so we can create the wrap around effect.

Line up all the 4 corners of the square after folding into quarters. Cut off the triangle to give the hem more edges and a less handkerchief skirt look. 

Create a narrow hem all around the edges of the skirt except for the circle that will be connected to the top. 

Since the fabric for the top isn’t very long, a strip of wide black ekastic is used for the waistband. Sew waistband to top right side facing. Then on the other edge of the eladtic, sew the skirt and lining. Wrong side facing lining and skirt. Right side daving for skirt and elastic. 

Unlike regular skirt linings, this one has a v shaped opening to accommodate easy stepping in and out of the wraparound dress. 

Right side of the dress. Pardon the blurry pic

Wrong side of the dress

5 Hook and eye closures

I wanted some kind of sleeves and found a rectangle of remnant fabric that would work. Make a tube that is long enough to go around your shoulders. Mine were just a tad short. 

Collar/sleeves in the making

Pin on the top of the wrong side of the bodice. Sew in the front and back.

Sew collar/sleeves to top

I want the sleeves to hook on to bra straps (bkack ones, if course) so sone snaps were hand sewn on. 

Snaps to hold on to bra straps

Reversible front-back dress

The dress is reversible. The collar/sleeves opening can be in front or behind. 

Closures in front

Back view when clisures are in front

The collar/sleeves can be changed if i ever want a diffetent look. What would you do with the collar/sleeves?


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