Maternity clothes attempt

My friend’s 4 months along and she has been so inundated with things and life that there been no time to shop for summer appropriate maternity clothing. So I thought this would be a great time to try making maternity clothing.

I used my usual no-pattern patterns to make 2 outfits.
1. extra large front pleat to allow room for belly growth.
2. Elastic gathers at the waist

These were made knowing that my friend prefers loose clothing with sleeves, are easy to care for, do not like low necklines, and wants something cool for summer. These fabrics are stretchy, breathable, washer and dryer tested.

I tested them with pillows stuffed in my clothing. My mother laughed at the pics I sent her of me testing the outfits so I won’t share them here. 😭

Outfit 1


Front pleat expands with belly growth


Back pleats for a roomy but not boxy look

Outfit 2


Longer dress with elastic gathered waist for a loose fit


Back view. Keeping it simple


Ribbon at the neckline allows further tightening or loosening.

She has seen pictures and have accepted them. Now that they have been freshly laundered, it’s time to bring the outfits over. Keeping my fingers crossed that they fit well!


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