Victorian Corduroy Jacket


I made this pattern a while back with a softer fabric. This time, I decided to use corduroy and to leave out lining. I pinned the pieces one evening, cut them out another, and sewed up this section last night.

I have sleeves to add, hem to finish, decide on closure, and decide on whether to add pockets left over from a previous project.

April 29th 2016
I changed my mind and decided to line the coat. Put in one sleeve and messed up the other.


April 1st 2016

Put in the other sleeve and finished the lining.
Added gold edging with close zigzag stitches and gold thread.

I left out the cuffs and pockets as it looks bulky enough with the corduroy being rather thick.

Instead of leaving the collar to hang, I sewed the edge down. The thick material allows the collar to stand!

Added a belt-buckle in front.


I need more Gold thread. Other than that, I have a new coat!


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