Refashion: changing the neckline of a sleeveless turtleneck

I prefer cowl necks to fitting turtlenecks at the moment but didn’t want to discard this comfy top. I’ve had this turtleneck for at least 5 years and thought a refashion would give this top more wear.


Black Sleeveless H&M turtleneck

Fold it in half with arm holes lined up. Make a cut down the front. I made a conservative cut



Snip snip

Fold the cut edge twice over towards the wrong side and pin. The folds get narrower as they meet in the middle. Zigzag stitch as close to the folded edge as possible.


Fold twice over to hide raw edge

Fold the collar down towards the wrong side. Line it up with the finished edge. Pin and sew.


All done! The collar is relatively stiff and can stay up for an interesting look. The new v-neck gives the top a whole new look! Easy project that can be done in ten minutes.


Collar up!


Collar down in front and up at the back.


Collar down


Back of top


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