Tutorial: Furry open cardigan

This fabric has been in my stash a while and it’s time to make something season appropriate.


I used a capped sleeve shrug pattern for the main piece. You might have seen variations of this pattern before.


Match up the top and bottom to get this simple shrug

Since it’s winter,  sleeves are absolutely necessary for me.  I measured the diameter of the arm hole, length of my arms, and circumference of my wrist.

Then cut out these two sleeves. The shorter width is the greater than the circumference of my wrist but shorter than the arm hole measurement. Apart from the arm hole measurement, the other two had a 1″ allowance.



Line up the right sides of the wider side of the sleeves to the right side of the shrug arm hole.


Pin sleeves on

After attaching both sleeves with pins, zigzag stitch and then finish the raw edge with a triple zigzag stitch. The triple zigzag stitch lays flatter than using a regular zigzag stitch.


One sleeve at a time


See? Decent looking sleeves when the top is folded down

Fold the wrist end of the sleeve twice over towards the wrong side to hide the raw edge. Zigzag stitch. It’s so much easier to do it now when the sleeves are still flat and not tubular.


Since the shrug was designed to just cover the arms and not much of the chest area, fabric is added to extend the coverage. It’s still not going to meet in the middle of my chest but I’m into that open cardigan look now.


Another rectangle is added to the bottom to make it a cardigan of decent length. Match up the shrug’s bottom edge to the extension piece right side facing.


Adding length!


Match them up along this curve


Sides are folded to match the top. Pin, sew, and finish.

Fold up the bottom twice towards the wrong side to hide the raw edge.

Just for fun, Chinese knots were hand sewn on.


Here’s what it looks like on Suzanne, my wonderful assistant.


Front view.


Side view

Here’s the open cardigan on a live form.


Washed, dried, and out in the world!


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