Tutorial: Batwing top worn sleeves up or down

This is an easy batwing top that took 3 hours to complete. Start with measuring two squares that would adequately cover torso length and widest width of upper body. Add a few inches to each number so that the non stretchy fabric can be pulled on when completed.

Lay squares right sides facing and then fold then in half before making several cuts-neckline, shoulder, and underarm.


The fold is on the left, the middle of the neckline.

Sew the shoulder and underarm edges together.


Next, the collar. Prepare a 10″ wide rectangle that has the same length as the neckline. In this case, 16. Connect the short edges of the rectangle. Fold the band in half with wrong sides facing.

Lay the collar along the right side of the top’s neckline. Pin, sew and finish. Flip the finished edge down, iron, then top sew it in place. Cowl neck complete!


Repeat the collar process with a stretch fabric for the bottom of the top. Take away 2" so it will gather at the waist.

I like sleeves but want the option of shortening them as and when the mood strikes. So I lengthened the current sleeves by adding fabric using the collar method above.

I then made two thinner strips with button holes on one end of each. Sew the end of the strip without the button hole to the wrong side of the top about 2.5″ below the shoulder seam. On the right side, hand sew a button.


Sleeve down. Strip hidden on the inside.


Strip buttoned on the outside and sleeves are shortened.

The top is done! Easy layering in winter yet cool enough for summer.


Sleeves up!


Sleeves down


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