Tutorial: Cowl neck square top

Happy 2016! How did you spend the first day of the new year? I spent a few hours sewing and it was delightful.

Remember square tops and how easy those are? Here’s a little twist to the square top by lengthening it into a tunic and then adding a cowl neck and  a thick sheer hem.

First, I got some stretchy red fabric out of my stash. (Same red fabric used in my Halloween pirate top.) Fold it in half, mark and then cut out 2 of this shape.


I cut 2 of these at the same tho by folding the fabric over again

This forms the tunic. I gave it a wide neckline (4″ when folded) and added quite a few inches to the measurement from collar bone to waist. The wide neckline creates the cowl neck look later on.

Next,  the cowl neck.


I used the same red fabric and a sheer black fabric for this. They were about 10″ long and 8″ wide. Con

nect the 10″ edges then fold the band in half with wrong sides touching.


Pin to the neckline with right sides facing and zigzag stitch around.


Finish the sleeves by marking 1/2″ and then folding inwards twice. Pin then zigzag stitch.


For the bottom of the tunic, I added more of the black sheer fabric.  Cut a rectangle 2″ shorter in length than the circumference of the tunic and about 10″ wide. Connect the 10″ edges and then fold to hide the wrong sides inside.


Pin to the bottom of the tunic with right sides touching. Stretch and evenly distribute the black fabric to match the red fabric.


The black fabric is shorter to give the outfit a more flattering look.

Here is the completed outfit! It can be worn with either the black or red in front.


Black in front


Red in front


Add a belt to accessorize

And that’s a new layering piece over my plain black turtlenecks and leggings this winter. It’s also going to be a summer outfit without the turtleneck inside.


Happy sewing this 2016!


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