Easy cardboard Xmas tree with lights

Got some cardboard boxes lying around? Perhaps from a recent Amazon purchase, a thanksgiving black Friday sale, or from a store nearby. They are so easily transformed into Xmas trees for small spaces!

First, decide on the size you want with the boxes available. Turn the box so you are looking the side with the largest surface area. Draw the shape of a Xmas tree with ruler and pencil.

Then, cut out that shape with a pen knife. Paint both sides. I have acrylic paint at home so that’s what I used. Spray Paint might be a lot faster though.

After the paint dries, use the pen knife to make multiple holes to slip a string of lights through. I made two cuts per hole in the shape of Xs. Be sure to check that spaces between holes is not greater than the distance between consecutive light bulbs.

Finally, stick the bulbs through, lean the Xmas tree against a wall with a power source and plug in.


Him and Her Xmas trees

Notice that you have 4 cutouts left that look like half Xmas trees? The next post Will show you how to use them to construct a 3d Xmas tree. These make fun family projects. Stay tuned


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