Reversible dog jacket

Some time back, we bought Coco a winter coat from Wal-Mart. It is pink, fits really well, and even has a hood. That means the winter coat can double up as a raincoat.


It finally occurred to me to use that as a template. Well, it was the husband’s idea actually. So I grabbed some paper,  writing instrument, and started tracing the 4 individual pieces. Main body piece, 2 sleeves, 2 hood sides, and 1 hood middle.


Pattern pieces

I cut the pieces out of black corduroy, lining, and striped knit. All three fabrics are stretchy. Using zigzag stitches, sew the pieces together into 3 jackets. Layer the three and stitch all around the edges.


See the three layers?

Then bind the edges with fold over elastic.


Fold over elastic is awesome!

All done!


Black or stripes?


Fold the hood back for a dramatic flair


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