Halloween 2015

It’s been a while. Took 2 sewing classes, went to the Renaissance Festival in homemade costumes (mixed with pieces from the closet). celebrated birthdays every weekend in October, and reused costumes for Halloween. Whoo!

Hope your October has been a fun-filled one too.

Here are pics of our costumes for the festival and for Halloween.


Cardboard cutlass and pirate hat with acrylic painted pirate logo

Sewed my own vest and red top.

Red lace is from my fabric stash.

Black skirt was purchased at least 8 years ago at a closing-down sale for just $10. Great deal!

halloween2015_2Cardboard cutlass and pirate hat with acrylic paint and spray paint.

Sewed black corduroy vest

Sewed white puffy pirate shirt from 1 Large and 1 XL white t-shirt

Scrap fabric for bandana and waist sash.

Those dreads? Crochet and a bit of sewing.

halloween2015_3Sewed Coco an outfit out of white t-shirt and black corduroy scraps.

Fabric painted the skull. It glows in the dark!


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