Beginner’s sewing class #1

I started attending a 6-week Beginner’s sewing class with Sarah’s Fabrics this week and learned so much! Week 1 is theory, Week 2 covers pattern adjustments and cutting, Weeks 3 through 6 will be sewing. This knowledge would have been so beneficial if I had learned it earlier on. Oh well, better late than never!

The class consists of 2 young girls and 3 adults with varying skills. Both young girls aspire to be fashion designers. It is refreshing to see the dreams and vitality of youth up close! One adult student wants to sew for her teenage daughter who can’t buy off-the-shelf, another wants to sew for her 9 month old, and I want to figure out if what I’m doing is right. Ha! It’s all about self-improvement.

We each picked either an elastic skirt or pant pattern to work on. This is what I picked. The middle style but with a 100% cotton fabric. It won’t be as flowy, but it should be easier to handle. Maybe I’ll get a more drapey material when I make a 2nd pair.

Burda pattern 6797

Burda pattern 6797. The word “young” makes me feel slightly ridiculous. Am i too old to wear this kind of pants?

This is the fabric I purchased from Sarah’s Fabrics with a 10% student discount. As Cathy, our teacher said, there are 3 things one should ask when purchasing fabric. The width (45″, 55″ etc.?), the price per yard, and the shrinkage (to take into account how much fabric you need after washing and drying). Did you know that some fabrics can shrink up to 2″ per yard? Flannel is the worst apparently. This one is 100% cotton at $11.90 per yard, 45″ width, and has minimal shrinkage (1″ per yard).

Blueberry Skies by Pamela Mostek

Blueberry Skies Dark Black Silver Metallic Vine by Pamela Mostek. Sparkly isn’t it?

Blueberry Skies by Pamela Mostek

Blueberry Skies by Pamela Mostek at $11.90 per yard. You can find this on ebay at $10.95/yard + $2.99 shipping

It’s been washed and dried. I ironed and stretched it on the bias to ensure that it isn’t skewed. I now know how to differentiate cross-wise, length-wise, and the bias. Learned several fabric names: Voille, Pique (pronounced p-kay), Lawn (a thicker type of voille).

Looking forward to class #2!


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