Summer short sleeved 2 buttoned blazer

With the same beginning pattern in the last two posts,  I created this summer blazer that has two snap on buttons.


Cut out pattern pieces

I added length to the bodice as well as the bottom of the collar so that the tips are long enough to overlap.

Sew the pieces together and add darts where necessary to give the outfit some shape. For this outfit, it was one long dart in the back.


Pin, chalk, sew, then cut!

Attach the two pieces for the back. Sew the front on, the collar, then the sleeves.


Add snap on buttons and it is ready! This is a lightweight fabric with no stretch.


Snap on buttons are my new fave thing!


Side view. Double pleated sleeve.


Back view

I used the iron a lot while working on this project and it helped greatly!  Should have used it earlier so the seam across the back would be consistently flat. Am loving experimenting with the basic pattern I drafted out of an existing blouse.


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