New non-knit blouse

I usually sew knit tops as they’re such forgiving fabrics. However it was time to try something new. After working on the pattern for the Mr, I thought it would be possible to make a pattern out of a blouse that I really like.



So I spent Wednesday afternoon working on the pattern, cutting out the pieces, and sewing up the main body pieces.

I finally added the collar, buttons, and made button holes today. Needed a video tutorial on how to use the buttonhole foot. Thank goodness for YouTube!



I shortened the sleeves, changed the gathers in the back to a pleat. Left out pockets in the front since the fabric already looks busy. Doesn’t it look as if I have a measuring tape hanging around my neck?


So glad that I took the time to make the pattern. I’ll be making more of these tops for summer!


3 thoughts on “New non-knit blouse

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