Refashion: corduroy jeans to skirt

I love corduroy jeans and haven’t donned denim jeans in years. I love the texture, the warmth it provides, and the stretch of the material. The zipper on a pair of old comfy cords broke so I refashioned it into a skirt.


I decided on a length that I wanted, added an inch and then cut it. Cut open the inner seam on each leg. Place pieces right sides facing and then zigzagged stitch down both sides.


Cut a strip of black elastic and attach it to the narrower end for the waistband. The wider end has a finished hem that I used as the end of the skirt.

I attached the elastic on the right side so that when flipped in, the raw edge will be hidden. Flip over again and the elastic is entirely hidden. That creates bulk in the mid section though so I’ll adjust it depending on what I’m wearing, and the length that I want.


Quick and easy! If I ever get round to fixing that zipper, I will have a pair of shorts. Hmmm…


I think it is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down.


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