Freehand painting

This isn’t sewing related but I wanted to share it anyway. Did some freehand painting today with leftover paints and it was liberating! Have a lovely week ahead!


This is the before shot, before the perforated area got digitally cropped out. I’m leaving it for now so I can hang the painting up somewhere.


Before cropping

These are the materials used. Leftover acrylic paint from a paint-by-numbers set I completed last year. Notebook backing that’s waterproof and less flimsy than printer paper.


Stuff found in the house


2 thoughts on “Freehand painting

    • Fun! I used leftover paints from a paint-by-numbers set and for paper, some notebook backing that’s a wee bit texturized. It felt waterproof and not as flimsy as printer paper. I’ll add pics to the post.

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