White doggy summer dress with pink binding


Keeping it cool in white

It’s been a while since my last post but I got
busy with my sewing machine again this past week. I’ve been shortening jeans and a blouse for a friend, making an impromptu orange dress for myself, and two new outfits for Coco.

Using a lightweight and stretchy fabric, I cut out 2 sets of a pattern, with front and back, lengthening the back as I went along. Sewed the front and back pieces together to make it a pullover type of doggy outfit. Then created an inner pleat on the back which turned out really pretty. Added binding all around and an elastic tube for the neckline.

Coco is comfortable in it. This will be good for walks on hot days as her black fur gets her heated up really quickly.

The second one has gold trim and some doggy flutter sleeves. Pics to come!


2 thoughts on “White doggy summer dress with pink binding

  1. Nice to see you post again 🙂 very cute doggie sweater I have a small dog too I have to try and get my daughter involved in making clothes for our Lu-Lu 😄

    Coco looks very cute in this pleated doggie outfit. I hope you post your orange dress.
    Happy sewing!

    • Oh that will be a fun project for your daughter! I’ll have to get a few decent photos of the orange dress to share. Thank you for leaving a comment!

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