Baby bibs from t-shirts

A friend who’s expecting a baby boy came over today to craft. We cut up some t-shirts that I bought during a sale some time back to make baby bibs. There was a blue 5XL t-shirt, a purple XXL t-shirt, and a scrap grey and white bit of fabric.

She brought a pattern found on pinterest and cut out all the parts. I volunteered my sewing machine and we made 5 bibs this evening.

The first one took the longest as I was figuring out how best to go about the sewing. Milk bottle trim with collar.


The second one was a little faster to put together. Baby pram trim on ribbon and then sewed on to the bib.


By the third, we were working at a good pace. The mum to be had fun with fabric markers and made a rock star bib.


The fourth was inspired by some pics online. We got creative with leftover Jean material and milk bottle trim.


The fifth has a flower button which was hand sewn on top of a strip of corduroy.


Which one appeals to you?


What a fun evening! We’ll probably be making more as the baby grows out of these.

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