Giveaway #2: Doggy summer tank top!

Hello all!

I’ve decided to hold a giveaway – one just for our furry little pals!

Do you have a doggy best-pal who might like a summer tank top?

Yes? Share a link to a photo of your furry one and 5 random photos selected at midnight on April 17 (CMT) will receive a doggy tank top just like this one that Coco has on. It has an elastic neckline, wide armholes for lots of ventilation, is made out of athletic mesh, and will be made to fit your furry pal. This means you will need to send measurements once your photo has been selected. I will then make the outfit and mail it to you! If your photo is on Facebook, please be sure to set it to Public. Thank you!

  1. Neck circumference: ____
  2. widest circumference around body (chest or belly):____
  3. length from neck to middle of back:____
  4. width of back (between shoulders):____
  5. width of chest (between both front paws):____

No? Share this giveaway with your friends who do have furry little ones!



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