Multi length sleeveless dress

My friend Ella came by for a sewing session today and made a new top for herself by tracing out a shirt she had. She made some interesting changes: increased the length and gave it a subtle high low hem, lowered the neckline, left off the collar, made it sleeveless. I’ll share a pic if she’ll send me one. 🙂

I made two pieces today. A friend gave me some pink and brown fleece fabric for my birthday last year. I’ve made doggy pyjamas with it and still had quite a bit left. So for my first piece, I made her a pair of pyjamas pants. They’re very fitting and have a fold over waist. I’ll share pics when I can convince her to let me post pics of her butt. Haha…

The second piece I made was a dress for me! Some time back I bought a box (or two) of mystery fabric. I’m pretty sure this came from the mystery box since I don’t typically select fabric with such bold color and print. I started by making a top and then added a full length skirt.

The skirt has some hidden tubes on the wrong side of the fabric to allow gathering. This means multiple different lengths are possible.


Ella kindly agreed to model the dress for me. Thank you, Ella!


Full length dress


Mid calf length


Knee length


Lovely back view, Ella!


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