Crochet granny square blanket

I started crocheting a granny square last Christmas. Without much planning, it got bigger and bigger…. and eventually consumed 2 skeins of super saver yarn. I stopped for a couple of months because the last bit of yarn was so tangled. The hubs kindly helped to untangle everything earlier so I’m officially out of brown yarn and need to go shopping for more. Whee! Wondering what color to continue with… keep the brown or match other colors? I’ve asked 2 people, my girl friend said pink – any shade of pink. The image that comes to mind is that of a chocolate sundae with a cherry on top. My guy friend said forest green or teal and i’m thinking woods and a country-style home. So many choices?

What color would you recommend to match this brown?

I need more yarn!

I need more yarn!

Update: March 14 2015
Whee! Got more yarn. 🙂 So I went with a brilliant suggestion to match the current color with lighter shades of brown. Looks like cream on brownies, doesn’t it?


Update: June 6th 2015
The granny square blanket has grown a little. I am into my 4th skein of super saver yarn and this is the 3rd shade of brown.


3 shades of brown


2 thoughts on “Crochet granny square blanket

  1. I guess it would depend on where you plan to have this throw blanket and bring in color palette from that room. Woodsy, and country style home could be many different colors and since you have the main throw in brown …what about a cream color border or lighter brown sort of ombre appearance?

    • Ooh love the ombre idea! I don’t have a specific place in mind for the blanket yet but an ombre effect would fit in everywhere. Thank you!

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