More doggy outfits for winter

Hello all!

I’ve made 3 outfits for Coco in the last few weeks – 2 dog tees upcycled from t-shirt scraps left over from a sewing weekend some time back. For a little dog like Coco, the top section (neckline to just under the sleeves) of an M sized tshirt was enough to create a pullover tee. The third outfit, the one i’m sharing today, is made out of birthday fabric from 2014.


Coco laying on the pink polka dotted fabric

I placed a current outfit on the fabric to gauge length. Cut out a rectangle, made 2 arm holes and narrowed the end that would become the neckline. Sewed the seams and attached sleeves. This is what it became.


Wore it right away… to doggy dreamland


A little long to keep her butt warm

Coco seems to like it. It’s like walking around in a blanket. Comfy 🙂 We’ll try this for a day and see if changes are needed.

(Next day)

The hubs noticed that Coco’s tail would flip the skirt of the outfit back at times. So he suggested some changes. Here’s the final product:

20150221_170729 20150221_170742 20150221_170852 20150221_170842 20150221_171009

Do you see the difference? 🙂 What do you think?

Here are pics of just the outfit.


Top down view


Belly view


Side view


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