Crochet a Doggy winter scarf

The weather station’s predicting an arctic blast of sorts and my friend’s short hair dog will be really cold. So I offered to crochet a scarf for Sophie, the dog. Here is an in progress pic.


The left end has larger holes for buttons to go through. Kept the other rows tighter for warmth. Sophie’s neck circumference is 16″ so I started crocheting… 23 stitches per row.


When I got to 16″ I folded the edges over and imagined a button or two. See the white dot? It could be a scarf folded over itself on colder days. It could also be a pretty collar with just one button buttoned. However, knowing that really cold weather is coming, I kept adding rows so Sophie could have it wrapped around twice for maximum warmth.

I don’t recall the name of the stitch I used but here are some in-progress pics. Feel free to name the stitch in the comments section. I’d appreciate it!


So I kept adding rows till it measured 34″ and then wove the ends in. Sewed on 2 big buttons on one end. The scarf can be wrapped around Sophie’s neck twice and then buttoned. The scarf could be permanently left buttoned and worn like an infinity scarf.


The buttons remind me of eyes…

If she wants a different look, the scarf can be folded over to half the length. With the buttons facing inwards, loop the buttons through the other end of the scarf so it looks like this.


Now button one or both for different scarf/collar looks. Double layered scarf done!


This project used slightly less than one ball of acrylic yarn.


Maybe Sophie will model the scarf for us. We’ll see 🙂


Sophie stopped by to pick up her scarf and to let me take a few photos.


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