xmas turquoise skirt

It was xmas eve and I didn’t have anything I wanted to wear over black leggings and under a furry black top. I have black skirts, long skirts, but none that looked right for the season. The only logical thing to do then, is to sew myself one! I saw a tutorial on pinterest about making pencil skirts and was inspired. I needed a quick project because a Xmas party was about to start in 2 hours.

There was this lovely fabric in my hoard, thick, 4-way stretch, knit, opaque, and turquoise! That would do perfect for my skirt. I took 2 measurements, waist and hip. Cut a rectangle about 20″ long, and 1″ wider  than my hip measurement.

The sewing part did not take long. Connect the two shorter ends. Create 4 evenly spaced darts that would shorten the width of the skirt tummy waist measurement. Extend 2 front darts all the way down the skirt front. Sew an elastic band on the wrong side of the skirt and then fold inwards to hide it. It’ll look seamless on the right side! Hem if you want but my fabric doesn’t fray so I didn’t. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Easy Xmas knit skirt

Easy Xmas knit skirt

Easy peasy to create. Gonna make MANY!

Easy peasy to create. Gonna make MANY!


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