Old bedsheet to new layering top

Got some old bedsheets lying around? Experiment with them! That’s what I did today. I took an old blue bed sheet that was gifted to me years ago by friends who knew I dabble in the sewing and crafting and made something new.

Faded blue bedsheet folded atop a quilting cutting board.

This bedsheet gave someone many good years’ sleep. It’s got a new purpose now!

I used the cross-over bust pattern for the top and extended the front ends. After hemming all the necessary edges, I made some folds along the front and sewed them in place. For fun, I folded one side inwards and the other side outwards. I then cut across the width of the bed sheet to get a rectangular piece of fabric. I reduced the width towards the ends with a curved cut. Made pleats, and then pinned it to the bottom of my top, right sides facing. Sewed them together and tadah!

New (old) blue top

New (old) blue top

The color was rather blah so I decided to dye the fabric. I mixed some red and tangerine in hot water and then gave the outfit a good soak. After a rinse and dry, it turned a lovely pink! I added lace to the collar and neckline, and ribbon to the edge of the skirt.

Pretty in pink!

Pretty in pink!

I hand sewed hook and eye closures from Dritz on to the front of the outfit. Then accessorized it with a brown belt. What do you think? What would you wear this with and when would you wear an outfit like this?

Belt on!

Belt on!


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