Fixing a tear in a rectangle skirt

A friend’s friend was out cycling and the edge of her beautiful rectangle skirt got torn. My friend knew of my sewing hobby and asked if i could fix the jagged hem of the outfit.


So here is the dress with the torn rectangle skirt. The bicycle really chewed up that edge!


I had several options.
1. Turn it into a circle skirt.
2. Retain the rectangular shape but make it a lot shorter.
3. Cut off that torn edge and one other from the opposite end to retain a sense of asymmetry.

The first idea was really feasible but it might not be what the owner of the dress was expecting. The rectangular skirt provided asymmetry and I wanted to retain some of that. So I looked at idea 2.

After some measurements, I’d have to bring each side of the skirt hem up by 3″ at least. that would make the skirt precariously short!

So I decided upon idea 3. This would retain most of the length and keep the asymmetry.

I started by removing the trim.


Lined up the edges.  Cut off the torn edge and opposite edge.


Reuse the trim. Sew on!



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