Upcycle toilet rolls to mini lanterns

I’ve been collecting toilet rolls for a friend who uses them in church craft activities for children. The stash got pretty big and I decided to craft with some of them for the harvest moon festival.

First, flatten the rolls, bend them in half, then make cuts on the welded edge. Push the slits outwards and fold where necessary. paint!


Here’s one more sample. 🙂


With needle and thread, sew through the cardboard on one open end to create a simple criss crossing web. Basically go across several times. There should be a small gap in the middle that will prevent the glow stick from slipping through. Attach string or twine to a stick (I used chopsticks from takeouts) and a short glow stick.

Bend the glow stick till the chemicals within mix. shake several times then pull it through the colored lantern from the bottom up.


Use tape to hold it in place if necessary. Happy harvest moon!



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