Refashion: Cropped top into feminine top

This is Ella’s third challenge for me, and the last for this weekend’s sewing frenzy. She presented a cropped square top that had been stretched in the wash one too many times. The neckline was so stretched, it could be an off-shoulder top!

I had a few ideas upon seeing the top. First, i wanted to fix the neckline. 2nd, keep the blousy feeling by not cutting off the stretched sides. 3rd, change the length of the top.

Here is the cropped top and a navy/orange T-shirt from Ella’s bag of supplies.


Starting with two tops

First i folded the cropped top to create pleats – one in the front and one in the back. Sewed with a zigzag stitch all around then cut off excess fabric as close to the stitch as possible. I cut off a 1″ strip from the navy/orange top to bind the neckline and an 8″ tube for the waist. Ella didn’t fancy the orange side so i cut the orange sides off. It was just as well since that made it more fitting.

Next, i gathered the bottom hem of the cropped top and made sure it matched the width of the navy tube. Pin and zigzag stitch together.

Here it is!


Elka likes this top a lot.


Front view


Back view


Side view

Ella matched this top with a maxi skirt she just refashioned out of 3 t-shirts and an elastic band. The skirt is actually black, turquoise, orange but this top made it seem navy, turquoise, and orange. Seemingly seamless connection!


Matched beautifully with a maxi skirt


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