Tutorial: toilet roll hat

Having a pile of fabric scraps forces me to think of ways to use them. Here’s how to make mini hats out of fabric scraps, chip board, and toilet rolls with glue gun, needle, and thread.


Mini hats for photo booths or pets

First, collect toilet rolls. The cardboard is soft enough to fold and hard enough to keep its shape. Also, keep chipboard from cereal boxes or cookie boxes. Here, I used the box that held a paint by numbers set. It’s not related, but here’s my paint by numbers painting!


Chipboard from this set was used in the project

Once you have your toilet rolls, get a pair of scissors and make cuts on each side. I made 10 cuts about an inch long on one end and then two inches on the other end.

Heat up your glue gun and have it ready from here on. Fold a 1″ panel inwards towards the center of the roll and drop a dollop of glue on top of the panel. Fold the panel beside it inwards and on top of the previous panel. Apply glue and keep gluing panels down all around. We are essentially making a cover for the top of the hat.


On the other end, fold the longer panels outwards. Your structure is almost ready. we need a cutout from the chipboard to go around the hat. Place the toilet roll on top of the chipboard and trace around the panels that are bent outwards to get a large circle. Mark where the center column is and cut out a donut shape. I folded the large circle into starts and made a cut in the middle to get the donut shape.

Get scrap fabric and lay it beneath the donut shape. Ensure that there is excess fabric around that can be folded over to wrap the donut chipboard. Fold the fabric into starts and cut along the folds. This creates triangles that you can fold backwards on to the donut. Glue in place. Add glue and fold the outer edge of the fabric on to the donut.


wrapping the donut shaped chipboard

Slip this over the hat structure so that the longer panels are under the donut. Glue in place with the hot glue gun.


slipping the brim on

Now get a rectangular strip of fabric to wrap around the top of the hat. Glue in place. Cut out a circle for the top of the hat. It should be just a wee bit bigger. Fold edges down and glue in place. With a ribbon or strip of fabric, hide the edges of the top by living the ribbon on top.


Glue top cover on

Cut another strip of fabric and the it loosely around the base of the hat for flair. use contrasting colors to make it stand out.


Mini hat looks good on coco!

To hold this in place, I hand sewed this on the under side of the hat. It hooks a hair clip in place, which you can then use on your hair.


Add a hair clip

You’re all done! Alternatively, you can add elastic in place of the hair clip. I would suggest adding the elastic to the hat structure by punching holes in two opposite panels and tying the elastic BEFORE gluing the brim on. In place of elastic, you can use ribbons that the under the chin.

Happy crafting!


Mini craft hats


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