Tutorial: Simple skirt with pockets

Looking at my stash today, I realized I still had some floral fabric left from this dress. Enough to make a skirt with pockets. so here’s what I did.

Measure the widest part of my lower torso and added a few inches to allow movement and seam allowance. Fold the material lengthwise so it becomes double layered. It’ll look pretty even if the edge flips up. Cut the fabric to get a long rectangle.

Unfold the fabric and put the side edges together with right sides facing. Straight stitch that together and zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. Fold the single layer tube lengthwise to hide the side seams within and to show the floral print on the outside. Straight stitch to keep the fabric together. For me, that’s along the white edging.


If you don’t want pockets, add elastic to the top and you’re done! Since I wanted pockets, I cut out two pieces of fabric. You can be creative with the shape if you want. I wanted mine to be able to hold my cell phone.


Fold the three edges, left, right, and bottom, inwards twice and sew in place. Repeat for other pocket.


Cut two strips of lace that are slightly longer than the pockets. Sew the top then fold excess back and stitch down. Fold the top back and stitch in place.


Now attach the pockets to the skirt with pins. you may have to fiddle around with it till you’re happy with the placement. Straight stitch around the pockets to the skirt. Remember to reinforce the start and end points by sewing backwards once.

Cut a strip of elastic that’s 1 to 2 inches shorter than your waistline. Connect the ends with a zigzag stitch.


Sew on all four sides and add a cross.


Pin the elastic to the skirt making sure that the gathers me the skirt are evenly spread. Zigzag stitch in place. Turn it inside out and top stitch for a finished look.


Here it is! my new vintage looking skirt that’s super easy to create.



New addition to my wardrobe! ๐Ÿ™‚

July 25th update
Here’s how I wore this skirt today. ๐Ÿ™‚


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