Tutorial: chiffon circle skirt

Lovely friends of mine got married on May the 25th of this year and they had a beautiful pergola draped with soft flowing white chiffon. After the wedding, the bride washed the chiffon and presented the many yards to me to add to my stash! I couldn’t take all that fabric without paying so I gave her about half of what they paid.

Yesterday, I was overcome with the urge to sew around 10p.m.. I went to my stash, saw the chiffon and immediately knew I wanted a circle skirt.


I folded the material over on itself and then again, so that I could cut two circle skirts out of it at a go. Measured my waist, divided by 3.14 and then by 2. (The math behind this is circumference = 2 x Pi x radius. To find radius, I took the circumference of my waist and divided by pi (3.14) and 2.) Then I used the radius and with blue tailor’s chalk, marked it on the edge of the folded fabric that did not have open ends. That will become the center of the skirt. From there, I measured 20″ outwards and made blue chalk marks. To ensure the fabric doesn’t skip as I cut, I added several more pins to hold the layers together.


Since chiffon is somewhat transparent, I lining is necessary. I found some lining material that was suitable in my stash. Wanting to be sure the skirt isn’t see through, I folded the lining lengthwise before cutting so I would have a double layered slip within. I measured the widest circumference of my bottom and added an inch for seam allowance. Then cut a rectangle. This ensures the lining won’t fly with the chiffon if a strong wind decides to gust. I picked a neutral shade so it won’t be too outstanding under the chiffon.


The lining material is sewn together by the short ends then folded lengthwise to become a long tube. Hide all the seams within the tube. The only open edge should be the long ends which will be sewn together then to the elastic.  Zigzag stitch if you need to prevent fraying.

To prevent the chiffon from fraying, I zigzag stitched all around twice.


Put the two chiffon layers together and sew them together with a straight stitch. Zigzag stitch the edges to prevent fraying.


Since the circumference of the chiffon layers and lining are the same, you can sew them together before attaching elastic.


Cut a strip of elastic that is an inch shorter than the length of your waist. Sew the ends  together using a zigzag stitch to allow stretching. Place the elastic on the right side of the chiffon, aligned to the stitch you made connecting all three pieces. Stretch and pin so that the elastic is evenly spread. Sew with a zigzag stitch. Flip up the elastic to hide the stitches and you’re done!


I’ll need to iron it but it’s done! Trying it on to get a feel of the skirt. Here I added a cute crochet belt.

Here’s the chiffon circle skirt on suzanne, my mannequin, before and after ironing.



What do you think? 😉

I’ve still got many yards of chiffon left. What else should I make? 👉👈


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