Tutorial: corduroy halter vest

Years ago, my sisters gave me this green halter vest and I’ve been loving it. It’s great for layering over white tees and for preventing getting pinched on St Patty’s day. (I’m serious!) So I decided to make more of these for myself.


The piece that inspired it all

I was thinking of making this from an old t-shirt, the hub’s old polo tee, or some fabric from my little ‘ol stash. I looked into my fabric closet and found some remnants of brown corduroy from a previous project so I thought I’d use this. The key is that the corduroy isn’t stretchy so I will need to tweak the design.

I started by folding the original piece into half and tracing it on the corduroy. Cut out a front and back piece then split the front piece into two. Remember to give an extra inch all around to finish edges. That will prevent fraying.


I started with the back piece. Fold edges on the bottom twice inwards on the wrong side and then pin and sew. Create two darts on the top so it will lay flat on the back. How I decide where to place my darts is to fold the rectangle in half wrong sides facing then fold edges back again with the right side touching. This gives me two folds. Pin each side then mark out darts with chalk before sewing. Cut out strips for straps and attach to the front pieces.


Connect front pieces to the back piece and zigzag stitch raw seams to prevent fraying.  Fold edge down on straps and top edge of back twice inwards on the wrong side and sew. Add darts to the bust line on sides or front to provide a better fit.


Tried this on for size and I knew going in that the fronts would not meet because my fabric isn’t stretchy.I was planning on adding a placket with buttons or a zipper, something along those lines.


In the end, I decided upon this horn like shape to add to both sides. Basically folded fabric right side facing and cut out two pieces of fabric that are one inch longer than the edge. Sew the curved edge and straight top, then turn it inside out. Flatten and attach to side of front piece. with corduroy, the direction changes the color of the nap.  Flipped one piece the other way to get a darker brown color. I then hand sewed a button that I salvaged off of an old pair of winter boots that had holes in them.


The front pieces are held together by this:


Here’s the side view.  Wanted the front to hang straight and not follow body curves so I did not add darts to the front pieces.


The straps are sewn together after testing for an appropriate length. I could have made buttons, but from experience, I knew just sewing it would be fine.


This was easier than expected and totally unique in my wardrobe. 🙂 can’t wait to wear this out! I’m going to make a few more with my fabric stash. 🙂


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